Related to the Covid-10 Pandemic, El Coletivo Macondo is working Virtually by Zoom. We miss our work with our teachers in person in their family studios. In the meantime, they will be offering us workshops by Zoom. We also welcome our teacher Morgan Phillips-Spotts who will be teaching Theatrical Improvisation classes virtually as well.

Join Us on Saturday March 20th at 2pm - 3:30pm Eastern Time!!

Join our teacher Adrian Martinez Alarzon, a conceptual artist and a traditional indigenous Zapotec ceramics practitioner who lives in Oaxaca, Mexico. Adrian will teach us to create an ocarina (a traditional indigenous musical instrument) using clay and hand building techniques.

Adrian will share his technical skills, and will also share his knowledge of the metaphoric lessons inherent in ceramics practices that guide artist practitioners along life's path, imparting wisdom and ways to understand life situations and find meaning in existential questions.

We will meet by Zoom. You will need to purchase your own earth based clay, and will need to have a way to fire what you made in a kiln in your community (you can also allow your piece to air dry only if you like). The cost of the workshop is $45.  I will help interpret and host on Zoom. Adrian will receive all of the workshop fees paid. 

I am very fortunate to have studied with Adrian in Oaxaca over the last 3 years. What I have learned has helped me with my Expressive Arts Therapy personal practice, my work with clients and also my travels along my own spiritual and artistic path. If you require proof of contact hours in Art Practices/Multimodal Training for REAT or REACE we will prepare this document for you.

Please respond by email if you are interested in participating. we hope you will join us.

Our Teacher Adrian Working - Photo Credit Wendy Phillips

Ocarinas Made by Members of Adrian's Family in Their Studio
- Photo Credit Wendy Phillips