Related to the Covid-10 Pandemic, El Coletivo Macondo is working Virtually by Zoom. We miss our work with our teachers in person in their family studios. In the meantime, they will be offering us workshops by Zoom. We also welcome our teacher Morgan Phillips-Spotts who will be teaching Theatrical Improvisation classes virtually as well.

Join us for Our Expressive Arts Genealogy Workshop Series- Beginning on February 28, 2021

What do you know about your ancestors' Expressive and Creative arts practices? Were any of these handed down to you through the generations? What were the materials that they used? What did they make? How did their practices situate them in the community? In guilds? Fiber arts circles? Spiritual or metaphysical activities? What would it be like to learn about your ancestors' practices? What would it be like to connect with them relationally across the generations and time by making what they made? 

A Quilt and a Doll made by my cousin Elsie who was
born in the late 1800's. Photo Credit Wendy Phillips

In this series of workshops we will explore family stories, engage in genealogical research, and explore research sources that help us learn about our ancestors' Creative and Expressive practices. To document this journey, we will make a Creative and Expressive Ancestral Map (similar to a genogram or a family tree) as a way to document what we have learned. 
During our monthly meetings, we will engage in Multimodal Expressive Arts practices that will help guide us in our explorations, and we will share and support each other as we learn about the Creative and Expressive aspects of our family histories. We will research our ancestors' practices in the online archives of libraries and museums of art and craft traditions. Following our research, we will begin to learn and engage in our ancestors' Expressive and craft practices. 

We will meet by Zoom together as a group once each month for 2 1/2 hour sessions during four consecutive months: February, March, April, and May. March, April, and May meeting dates will be determined by consensus of those who register for the class. There will also be two optional two hour open studio sessions each month.

Cost: $45 for each 2 1/2 hour session with a commitment to participate in the four workshops. $15 for each open studio.

Please send a note if you are interested, and please feel free to share this announcement with friends. We will be sending more details soon.