Related to the Covid-10 Pandemic, El Coletivo Macondo is working Virtually by Zoom. We miss our work with our teachers in person in their family studios. In the meantime, they will be offering us workshops by Zoom. We also welcome our teacher Morgan Phillips-Spotts who will be teaching Theatrical Improvisation classes virtually as well.

Veronica Embroidering
Our teacher Veronica embroidering

Veronica Chavez

My art is a lesson from my ancestors. My work is made with wool on the treadle loom and also embroidery that I learned from my ancestors. I am the fourth generation that does this artisanal work. My materials are cotton, traditional cotton cloth, wool, and the plants and fruits I find in the mountains (dyestuffs). The arts my parents and grandparents taught me about are rustic. What I learned in the university is a way of stylizing the pieces to improve the quality of traditional crafts.

Mi arte es una ensenaza de los antepasados. Mi trabajo se trata sobre la lana y los telares de pedal; el bordado tambien lo aprendi de mis antepasados. Soy la 4 generacion sobre este trabajo artesanal. Mis materiales son algodon, manta, lana, y las plantas y frutas encontradas en las montanas. Lo que mis padres y abuelos me ensenaron son trabajos mas rusticos, lo que aprendo en la escuela es una forma de estilizar los productos para mejorar la calidad de las artesanias.